Because the show is so loose, and because we have such a media-watchdog culture—they could get burned like that. Two words: Don. Imus. You don't know what's going to piss people off. And, my God, the shit that we get into—the sex, the bestiality—holy crap! I can't believe that shit is on Fox News!

That, you may recall, was the quote Gawker celebrity Julia Allison gave George Gurley regarding "Red Eye" for his profile of Greg Gutfeld in today's Observer. Sadly, it seems the Gut isn't the kind of freewheeling, truth-handling party guy he's made himself out to be: We hear Julia's been banned from appearing on the show for the foreseeable future. Since Julia's still doing other Fox News programs, this one doesn't appear to have the fat fingers of Roger Ailes on the strings. (Reached for comment, Julia simply said, "I fucked up.") Sorry, Jules. But we're sure some other late night shit show with a "show up and you're miked up" guest policy will be on the air soon enough. CNBC's probably working on one right now!