This image was lost some time after publication. has rounded up clips of recently announced, new Fall shows from all the broadcast networks and posted them to their site, allowing us a sneak preview of the exciting programs that we—like any modern, quick-triggered TV viewer with no attention span to speak of—will likely delete from our TiVo lists after a one-episode tryout. Our first stop was to the ABC tab for a glimpse of Cavemen, the much-anticipated discount-auto-insurance-infomercial/ race-parable hybrid that is sure to redefine the moribund sitcom form this September.

We recommend that you immediately drop what you're doing for the next 38 seconds and have a look yourself, for keeping the company of these bickering Neanderthals for even that brief a time will certainly make you realize just how hurtful the casual use of racial epithets can be. If you don't actually laugh at the ugly reflection you're casting in that mirror the cavemen are holding up to Society, well, then perhaps you're just not ready for this kind of next-level social satire.

Bonus funtime: Letting the clip run to its end seamlessly transitions into the preview for Carpoolers, creating the unsettling illusion that the Cro-Magnons have suddenly evolved (or devolved, depending on your perspective) into their equally unfunny sitcom descendants.