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Anne Heche's divorce from couchhusband Coley Laffoon is only growing uglier, as the actress has now lashed back at his claims that her tenuous grip on her own sanity renders her an unfit mother. The Men in Trees star now accuses Laffoon of neglecting their son Homer, opting instead to fill his days with leisure activities and illicit keystrokes:

Heche says in court papers that although Laffoon claims to be a stay-at-home dad, he actually leaves their 5-year-old son Homer "with nannies and babysitters while he plays ping-pong, backgammon and poker and views pornography online.

"He holds a poker game at his home every Thursday night and allows Homer to participate," the Men in Trees stars says in a Los Angeles Superior Court filing released Thursday.

She adds that Laffoon bragged to cast members of her show, taped in Vancouver, that he "knew each strip joint in town."

Laffoon is hardly the first emasculated and underemployed Hollywood husband to turn to the temporary, boredom-alleviating comforts of online erotica and table tennis after his far more successful wife hiked up her slacks and headed out every day to earn a living. But in this "damned if he does" scenario, even when a guy tries to spend some quality time with his five-year-old son, propping him in a booster seat and setting him in a cigar-smoke-filled room alongside his best buddies from Club Exotique, it somehow gets twisted into an example of bad parenting. It's almost enough to make you regret marrying the successful, albeit slightly batshit insane, actress you once managed to convince yourself was the love of your work-averse life.