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During the entirety of the ugly affair that saw Alec Baldwin so desperate to repair his voicemail-damaged image that he publicly mused about quitting 30 Rock and willingly ran through The View's confessional gauntlet, we were never more worried about his well-being than when he unexpectedly fired CAA, a move that indicated he'd hit rock bottom with such force that he no longer feared the chilling consequences that inevitably follow any attempt by an earner to jilt the evil agenting monolith. This afternoon, however, it seems that Baldwin is pulling out of his tailspin, as Variety reports that he's back with CAA after a month-long cooling-off period. "I could not imagine being represented by anyone other than Matt DelPiano," said Baldwin through a rep, showing that the actor is finally emotionally healthy enough to realize that CAA wasn't kidding around when it left all those notes underneath his windshield wiper reading, "If you so much as take a lunch with William Morris, you'll wake up with Billy's severed head on your pillow tomorrow."