Cars of the rich and famous A neighbor of Steve Jobs has confirmed that he drives a silver Mercedes CL500, which may have indeed been the vehicle spotted on Highway 101 by a reader . There's no particular reason to care about the automotive choices of the tycoons of Silicon Valley. Except there are relatively few photo spreads on their houses, so the cars give insight into their taste, and extravagance. And we're curious. So, who drives what?

Cars of the rich and famous

Of course, the saintly Google founders drive hybrid cars, Toyota Prius. Though I suspect, without any evidence, that Larry Page, who has a new girlfriend and Hollywood teeth, may have a gas-guzzling sports car in the garage.


Cars of the rich and famous

The most surprising speed freak? Peter Thiel, who has always struck me as one of the more cerebral of Bay Area financiers. Here's a photo of Thiel in his McLaren sports car.

So, we've started this project. Any other sightings? Mike Moritz, Larry Ellison, John Chambers, Sean Parker? Mark Zuckerberg? I assume there must be someone who still drives the battered Honda Civic, symbol of the focused entrepreneur, too committed to the digital revolution to care for worldly things. Sightings, rumors, tips, in the comments, or in email.