Glaring Omissions reproduces tips received from readers in the last week that weren't covered on Gawker, either by accident (it happens!) or by design (it happens more often).

  • "50 cent got arrested be cause the lamborghini had Unique Auto Sports tags on it, being that he just had an audio upgrade they stuck his stuff in the trunk and their plates on the car. 50 couldnt show proof of ownership so the cops decided to be dicks and arrest him."
  • "All these articles that Gawker has posted about how 'batshit' braunstein is must bode well for his defense. It would be criminal if you actually helped Gotlieb get braunstein 'free' with the psycho plea."
  • "Childhood Obesity Solution?—I am an owner of two companies, both relating to "Childhood Obesity" one being "Superfits Enterprises, Inc." Home fitness DVD packages for children ages 5-17. Where children can do fitness workout programs at their comfort of their own home.Our transformations and results are phenomenal!!
  • The other company "Meltdown Stations" the first, the one and only fitness gyms for children & teens ever created. Our transformations and results are phenomenal as well!!
  • I would like to help each and every child in every community in the United States to get back into shape and beat this epidemic that is slowly killing our nation. We are currently working together with schools, churches, pediatricians, doctors and nutritionist.
  • I would love to be of help somehow. Please contact me directly!! Please visit our websites for further information and to view some of our kids that have transformed their bodies."
  • Hi Choire,
  • My colleague, Jennifer Kushell, is the President of Success Network and author of the NY Times Bestseller Secrets of the Young and Successful. She has asked me to contact you in response to
    the recent article in Fortune Magazine regarding Generation Y.
  • Jennifer is an expert on Gen Y and her company is dedicated to helping today's youth to forge fulfilling professional careers. She'd love to participate in discussions on providing alternatatives or
    solutions for today's Gen Yers entering the workforce. Jennifer speaks to thousands of students, professors and recruiters a month and has a great deal to offer about on the subject.
  • I'd be happy to send you more about Jennifer Kushell and a copy of her book at your request. Thanks for your consideration.
  • Kind regards,
  • Adrienne Borgstrom
    Starfish P.R.
  • "Criminally Engsane—farewell, my concubine...."
  • "How come you won't post my comment, but you will post other disgusting comments. Just b/c my comment doesn't agree with other comments or isn't what you believe in. Your site is disgusting and for very sad angry people, who have nothing better to do. Stop invading other people's privacy."
  • "Sister—And oh what a fine wedding celebration it was! I am giggling that you do not have a clue."
  • Compliments,
  • I have a significant number of clients nationwide searching online for Herpes Treatment Specialists. I'm seeking a good relationship with one specialist exclusively. These clients consist primarily of Parents, MySpace users and Small Business Owners.
  • This is neither lead generation nor search engine optimization. I can only work with one firm.
  • My assistant researched your website, and believes it is a strong fit for our clientele. You may call me at
    818 630 0801 ext: 227 at your earliest convenience.
  • Regards,
  • Manuel Guillen -
    Business Development Manager"
  • "What could have sparked Jessica and John to break up? The frenzy attack of the paparazzi at the MAC Gala awards the week before?"
  • "The most interesting thing about the Soho Library is Josh wearing the tightest white pants ever while talking about it. You can see his package. It makes me want to learn to read."
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