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TIM FAULKNER — Patricia Handschiegel, founder of and self-labeled "entrepreneur/fashion/tech veteran," is auctioning her entire "mammoth [Sic.] wardrobe that spans thousands of dollars, designer names and cool indie labels" estimated to be worth around $25,000 on Ebay for charity. One wouldn't be tempted to question her motives: she is requesting submissions of underserved charities and states "I always hoped to someday get to a place where I could use my success in business and help other people and I'm finally here." $25,000 goes a long way in helping any charitable organizationand. It doesn't hurt that the campaign will help promote her and her ventures ...and, after all, today's fashion and tech entrepreneurs can't "speak at conferences, sit on advisory boards, and share what [they] know about owning a media company" wearing yesterday's fashion. In fact, one must applaud the ingenuity of Handschiegel's endeavor: it's both philanthropic and self-serving. [Photo Credit:]