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TIM FAULKNER — John C. Dvorak has been named VP & Managing Editor of PodShow TECH, the technology channel of the podcasting network created by Adam Curry and Ron Bloom. The curmudgeonly and possibly eternal techno-journalist also will host his own podcast dubbed Tech5.

CEO Ron Bloom suggests we'll finally be getting the tech podcast we've been waiting for:

Typical technology channels are really just listings of programming, featuring boring talking heads or uninformed rants. PodShow TECH will feature personality driven content with a healthy dose of attitude... fair, but not necessarily impartial... accurate but also exciting."

Is Bloom ignorant of most tech podcasts? Or his own company's Geek Brief TV? Or is he pulling a Curry claiming innovation and originality where there is none? And calling Dvorak "exciting"? The notoriously anti-Apple journalist may be "outspoken" but never exciting. The marriage of pervasive, annoying, and irrelevant John C. Dvorak to the PodShow network is a match made in heaven... for Curry, Bloom, and Dvorak, that is. For the user... a marriage forged in the fires of hell.