After Julia Child stopped smoking weed and wearing headbands, the professional kitchen has been casting about for its own Arden Wohl, the free-spirited young socialite whose Cherokee-inspired headgear and sly self-depreca-promotion have catapulted her to the depressing stratosphere of socalitism. As Felix Gillette ably expresses in a classically absurd Observer article, personal chef and soon-to-be star of the Food Network Colombe Jacobsen might just be the woman.

Colombe Jacobsen ("who grew up in Chicago and whose first name means 'dove' in French") went to Sarah Lawrence. Arden went to NYU. Colombe Jacobsen works with low-income children. Arden works with sexually exploited children. Arden makes movies. Colombe Jacobsen was in Mighty Ducks. And whereas Spencer Morgan lured Arden to the Old Town Bar, Colombe Jacobsen meets Felix Gillette ("whose last name means "razor" in French) in her very own apartment.

Ms. Jacobsen answered the door at her second-floor walk-up apartment on the Lower East Side. She was wearing a purple sundress and a funky green necklace that brought out the color in her eyes. She welcomed The Observer into her home. She was barefoot and smiling.

So we're either in a Bob Dylan circa Blood on the Tracks world or somebody who smokes salmon as well as Arden smokes doobage is looking to fill the cute-hippy-ridiculous void in the kitchen.

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