Tinsley Mortimer spent her Memorial Day helping The Gays out by wearing spangly Heatherette costumes! We know this courtesy of Illinois teenager James Kurisunkal, who is the (cough) sole force behind Park Avenue Peerage. His latest post was brought to our attention by not one but two tipsters, both of whom probably do not exist.

Let it be noted, first, that we are suspicious types. Okay, noted!

First, one "Serena van de Berg" writes, "The Tinz Loves The Gays! Need I say more? She spent all of Memorial Day weekend raising money for AIDS at the Life Ball in Vienna (very noble of her, and I say this as a gay woman, to have foregone mandatory Memorial Day G&T swilling for a bunch of queens and dykes half way across the world). Oh, and here's a picture of her with Aubrey from Danity Kane and Jenna Jameson. That is all from the PAP post. Cheers! Serena."

Cheers to you, Serena, you fun helpful lesbian who Google has never known!

Thanks also to "Jenn Foxworth," who writes, "'Tinsley Mortimer made me very proud as an AIDS activist by spending her Memorial Day weekend at the Life Ball, Europe's largest charity event in the fight against HIV and AIDS, in Vienna.' from parkavenuepeerage. Did a Google search on James and found that he was the co-chair of the University of Illinois PRIDE group. Here is a picture of Tinsley with Lance Bass." Awesome. Thanks, "Jenn"! Google has never heard of you either, and you've only ever emailed us about Park Avenue Peerage, but we're sure you're a real person! Just like we're sure James Kurisunkal has no outside help with his site.