Maybe it's the warm weather or maybe it's the extra few we tossed back at "lunch" this morning, but we're in a generous mood this week, and to show you how happy we are, we're only going to knock four of you out of the box this go around. But don't take that as a sign of weakness; next week we may be feeling especially ragged and wind up sending sixteen of you away in compensation. Anyway, time for our reverse rose ceremony. Here's who leaves.

Made Redundant: Sven

Made Redundant: SpanishFlyByNight
Crime: General rampant idiocy.

Made Redundant: Nicolars
Crime: Making fun of Rosie O'Donnell is retarded.

Made Redundant: sloppy_seconds
Crime: If we're not allowed to use the phrase "sticky lady juice" then no one else is either.

Redundancies are just that: An HR-approved way to get rid of you while deflecting all blame and making you feel doubly victimized. It's not you—it's just that we don't need you any more. Y'all may check the Gawker Comments FAQ. It is also true that banned commenters may return through our invitation. The best way to receive such is to send us cookies (peanut butter, please, and not personalized) or charming and juicy gossip-filled emails.