Nicole Richie Is Too Skinny For Jokes

  • The invite to Nicole Richie's Memorial Day bash said that "no girls over 100 lbs" would be allowed in, but she was just kidding about that! Except not actually kidding. Okay, kidding! [People]
  • The duo who wrote Half Nelson have signed on to adapt Marisha Pessl's Special Topics In Calamity Physics. [Hollywood Reporter]
  • Was Vanessa Williams' Yorkie dognapped, or just eaten by a coyote? [NYP]
  • A Fox 'spy' says Rachel Marsden was escorted out of the Fox News Channel building for "doing crazy stuff," as we told you last night—but on her website, the conservative commentator maintains that she was "the sane one" on Red Eye. That much is true! [Page Six]