A sweet moment for Brian Lam of Gizmodo at All Things Digital. Standing with his main rival, Ryan Block of Engadget, the dorkier of the two dominant gadget blogs. Lam spotted Steve Jobs on the way to lunch at the Carlsbad conference. The Gizmodo editor goes over to introduce himself, half-expecting to be frozen out by Jobs. Not at all. "I have Engadget and Gizmodo next to each other," says Jobs, pointing at an invisible screen. And then the punchline: "But I like Gizmodo much better." Even were that true, such enthusiasm seems out of character for Apple's famously irascible founder. Until one remembers that an embarrassingly wrong report by Engadget, on a delay to the iPhone launch, briefly knocked $4bn off Apple's share price. And Engadget's Ryan Block was witnessing the whole exchange. Maybe Jobs was just trying to twist the knife, which would be more his style. [Disclosure: Gizmodo is, of course, owned by Gawker Media, and Engadget is the flagship of the weblogs group owned by AOL; and they are ferocious competitors.]