A mysterious package arrived at Gawker HQ today, addressed to "Ms. Doree Shafrir & our friends at Gawker." It was in a beat-up box, taped over several times. It looked heavy. The return address was "Four Corners Communications." Four Corners, we thought? Didn't that place go out of business? Was he sending us a bomb?

We donned our safety goggles and opened up the package to find several bags of stale baby carrots—a reference to his predilection for them during staff meetings—and a card, reproduced below. It made us think of Drew's PR mottoes, which one of his ex-employees kindly forwarded to us the other day:

Knowledge is power.

Do it now. Right now.

Get to the point. Cut to the chase.

If you can't move a mountain, go around it.

There are many doors to a house. Try them all aggressively.

Be specific.

Think of new ideas all the time. They'll get you a bonus.

If your client doesn't know what you're doing, they think you're doing nothing.

Attitude is everything.

Be a real person before a publicist.

Little things do matter. Don't overlook them.

If you're not sure, ask.

Cover all the bases.

Aim high, then deliver.

Think ahead.

Don't wait for your client to ask you. Beat them to the punch and do it.

You can not win if you do not play.

We'd like to think he took each and every one of these mottoes into account as he packed that box of carrots, bag after bag, and wrote that card (did he have one in stock, we wonder?), thinking of us as his personal mountain. Or maybe a house. Whatever!

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