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The long road to recovery and redemption for Saving Private Ryan star Tom Sizemore is paved with countless arrests, hearings, and court-ordered humiliations. (They'd outfit him with SCRAM-type ankle monitoring device, but any self-respecting tweaker would gladly saw off their own foot for their next hit.) Even his booking last month in Bakersfield on possession charges continues to reap unwelcome dividends for the troubled actor:

TMZ has learned that a Los Angeles County judge has issued a bench warrant for the Sizemore's arrest, after he was booked on drug charges in Bakersfield earlier this month.

The "Black Hawk Down" actor's arrest may have violated the terms of Sizemore's probation from a 2004 drug conviction. Tom must now turn himself over to authorities, so a judge can determine if he should be thrown behind bars... A date for the probation violation hearing has not been set.

With jail time once again in the cards for the brazen recidivist, it won't be long before his latest legal distractions disrupt the set of the movie he's currently filming, leaving his Stiletto co-stars Tom Berenger and Michael Biehn to fend for themselves as the meth-addled thespian abandons his takes in order to boast about his impressive day-player rates to a crowd of extras he repeatedly confuses with the L.A. County District Attorney.