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As there appears to be no sating the public's appetite for Z-list Celebrities Doing Stupid Shit That Might Actually Get Them Killed, the CMT network (we think one of those initials stands for "Country," but don't hold us to that) has graciously greenlit a reality series so irresistible, it might as well crawl right up into our DVR recorders and season-pass itself: Yes, everything we think you need to know about Ty Murray's Celebrity Bull Riding Challenge is right there in the title, and the fun appears to have already begun well before its August 10 premiere, as TMZ is reporting that lesser, born-again Baldwin Stephen has taken a bone-crushing spill off a bull:

Baldwin broke a shoulder and a rib when a bad ride sent him crashing to the rodeo floor. Baldwin was treated and released from a hospital, and we're told that "he is already back on set in a sling." No bull!

Baldwin isn't the first star to get feel the bull's wrath during production — Leif Garrett was seriously roughed up just a day earlier. Shockingly, Vanilla Ice has remained unharmed!

That the actor would return the very next day to face down his bucking nemesis should surprise no one: The junior Baldwin has taken tougher knocks before from a far more threatening horned tormentor. If this resilient and fearless Xtreme Soldier of God could emerge victorious from the Salvation Rodeo, any beast Ty Murray could throw at him will be a comparative cakewalk.