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In today's episode: Will Ferrell; Prince; Vincent Gallo; Edward Norton; Alan Arkin; Greg Germann; Kristin Kreuk and Mark Hildreth; Johnny Weir; Bryan Greenberg, Paul Johansson, Geoff Stults, Evan Jones, Stacy Keibler and Olivia Munn.

· Exiting the Sherman Oaks Galleria last night (Wednesday, 5/30) my friend and I saw a bit of a commotion by the exit. Several joyous faces were focused on one guy who was wearing a baseball hat and sporting a fro/full beard combo. I quickly realized it was Will Ferrell and stopped to watch. He was chatting up the group that gathered and as he tried to escape someone stuck out their hand for him to shake and I saw up close and personal the slightly annoyed look on Will's face as he accommodated what was probably his millionth handshake of the evening. Then we followed him down the escalator several floors where he remained unnoticed and watched as he entered the valet parking area.

· Two sightings from the same day (5-30)...

Waiting at a corner on Melrose for the light to change when a big black SUV pulls up with the window down. In the passenger seat, motherfucking Prince looking great of course. Don't know what he is using on his skin but he practically glows. Nice to see he is not too cool to sit in the front.

Hanging around Franklin at night near La Poubelle when up strolls a very hairy Vincent Gallo, also looking good but in a different way. He met up with some friends sitting on the patio.

· Spotted Edward Norton chattin' it up in Raffles L'Ermitage bar in BH, looking dapper in a black suit and blue collared shirt. (night of 05/22/07)

· 5/30 7pm - Walked into Bangkok Cafe on Pico and who's one table over but ALAN ARKIN! He was sitting with an age-appropriate woman who I assume was his wife and a few other people. He was just normal and cool and probably now my favorite celebrity sighting.

· 5-30 Greg Germann at Whole Foods in Brentwood with a baseball cap on and salt and pepper hair that was heavy on the salt. He said his show wasnt coming back but he was sweet and funny about it. Nice silver Audi.

· Dinner with dad last night at BLD (his choice—he's still hep at 83). An actress type of the luminescent golden skin and eyes like deep pools variety was at the next table, obviously breaking it off with a ginger (that's what we call redheads in the U.K.) cool dork guy. He ate (appetite clearly diminished by the events at hand). She didn't. Nothing. Not a bite. Through my detective skills I was able to discern from her credit card slip that she was one Kristin Kreuk. Through my Google skills I was able to figure out that she has major roles in Smallville (thus, soon to be ex-boyfriend's Clark Kent style specs?) and some other pathetic WBish show that I can't remember now and can't be bothered to Google again. The guy seemed to be one Mark Hildreth, with a prodigious IMDB listing that stretches back to 1985. He's in the new 'Pirates' but don't get excited as before that it was 'Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus 3-D' Anyway, Dad thought the guy was sleeping at the table, but I'm pretty sure he was just experiencing the crushing blow of reality and future life without the luscious Kristin. They stayed for a long low volume exchange after paying the bill, she discreetly wiped away tears that didn't actually seem to exist (nice touch, fuckin' actresses!). Then they left.

· Better late than never: Memorial Day Weekend (Sunday) around midnight saw not-quite-out figure skater Johnny Weir chilling with a bevy of beautiful (female) blondes at Micky's in WeHo. Did not see him tip any of the Go Go Boys.

· Thursday, 5/31 at the Bryan Greenberg show at The Mint, an incredible list of B (C?) listers: "One Tree Hill" co-star Paul Johansson (looks younger in person, might be due to the fact that he acts and dresses like a 21 year old), "October Road" co-stars Geoff Stults (looks older in person, but still incredibly attractive) and Evan Jones (did Steve Zahn and Flea have some sort of crack/love baby?), Stacy Keibler (she was tall? And, um, blond?), and "Attack of the Show" hostess Olivia Munn (looking bloated and uncomfortable, no rhythm on that girl). BG was good but too skinny.