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Moments ago, walls were rattled, countless takes ruined, and nerves frayed by an unidentified flying something that just buzzed the sky about the Warner Bros. lot. Writes a spooked operative:

Any word on what the deal was with the B1(?) that flew too fucking low over the WB Backlot just now and sounded like the end of the world, setting off EVERY car alarm in the area? They usually let us neighbors know when they're going to simulate an act of war. I called the Burbank airport and they had no info but were being deluged with calls.

Know anything? Drop us a line; we're sure everyone will feel better once they discover the fly-by was just the Army taking Michael Bay for a spin in a plane he plans to blow up in his next project.

UPDATE: An internal e-mail from Warner Bros. explains:

As you are probably aware, a low flying jet aircraft flew over the Studio at approximately 2:40 p.m. We have learned that the aircraft was performing an approved "fly-over" maneuver as a part of a funeral ceremony at Forest Lawn Cemetery. The Studio did not receive prior notification of the fly-over, which we usually do. We are looking into the reasons that such notification was not made. In the meantime, we wanted to apologize for any concern or discomfort you may have experienced.

See? Just a harmless little miscommunication. (Or, more accurately, non-notification.) We suggest that any WB employees with soiled underthings and/or lingering feelings of dread kick off early and head off to the Smoke House for some nerve-steadying cocktails.

[Image: Crude Photoshop re-creation of the event, not an actual photo.]