With all those newfangled Economy 3.1 jobs attracting rich rubes from the hinterlands, there's soon to be be a great increase in the need for Manhattan butlers, reports today's Post. And yes, they make much more money than you do. How much? If you're "well-groomed" (and, one presumes, clean and articulate), expect $200,000 a year, plus a 401(K) and, of course, free housing. Acquire a British accent, and that figure jumps by $10 to $20K. So, all you Ivy Leagued publishing drones and M.F.A.'d copy editors out there, hold off on those enticing subway trade-school ads: The Dutch-based International Butler Academy is planning to open a New York branch soon.

And the job description for highly compensated abject humiliation? Not as bad as it used to be!

While duties vary greatly, MacPherson says butlers today are not just about arranging closets, setting the table and greeting visitors at the door.

"We don't iron the Wall Street Journal anymore," MacPherson scoffs.

Perhaps not, but better make sure you remember that WSJ.com login:

Today's butlers act, in effect, as the CEOs of their employers' households and properties while also taking care of simple details, like ensuring that their bosses wake up every morning to a home computer already running and loaded with their Web sites of choice.

In conclusion, the Batmen who work at Goldman Sachs have still not discovered Firefox.

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