Self-made force of nature Arianna Huffington was in Toronto on Monday night... publicizing her latest book, On Becoming Fearless. She is best known for her online news and opinion site, the Huffington Post. Co-hosts of the fest were Dominion Institute's Rudyard Griffiths; National Post gossip extraordinaire Shinan Govani; Rachel Sklar, a Huffington Post editor and friend of Ms. Huffington's... The Greek-born, Cambridge-educated, power-vibing Ms. Huffington gave a little speech in which she lamented the fact she was not carrying a handbag and had received so many business cards from people that she had been forced to stuff them into her bra. Noting her friend Ms. Sklar is a D-cup, Ms. Huffington then expressed the hope that the business cards had turned her into a D-cup from a B. Not your usual speech at a soirée, but clearly fearless.


Fear not a factor for Arianna [Globe & Mail]