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A Rosieless The View hasn't quite been the must-see daytime TV minefield of recent months, but even its gentler incarnation has something to offer viewers looking for their daily dose of ribald and uncensored yenta talk. (From what we hear—we can't really be bothered to tune in without the threat of Elisabeth Hasselbeck getting her face eaten off at any moment hanging over the proceedings.) According to ever-vigilant, however, Joy Behar couldn't resist bringing up the topic of Hugh Jackman, to whom all signs point to Gay:

Joy: What happens when a beautiful man marries a sort of unattractive woman? Then you have dilemma. People will really talk. They think he's gay. This is what happens.

Barbara Walters: Really?

Joy: Oh, yeah. I was reading in the article that we're reading that Hugh Jackman, who is a very handsome guy, people always think he's gay because his wife looks like the rest of us.

Barbara: That's not true. First of all, his wife is very attractive. I think people—

Joy: Not in his level. He's like Sex Man.

Barbara: I think a lot of people thought was gay because he was doing The Boy From Oz which was about Peter—

Joy: He wasn't "doing" the boy from Oz. He was playing in it. This is making Hugh Jackman's life more miserable.

Barbara: He was playing the role of Peter...Peter Allen who was gay. So people thought he must be gay because he was...She's very good looking and it's a very good marriage.

We doubt Jackman will be called upon any time soon to bring the adventures of Sex Man—a bold S & M emblazoned across his chest, and in possession of a remarkable array of retractable mutant appendages—to the silver screen. That said, we feel its somewhat unfair that the actor should be gloryholed as a Gay, and for entirely circumstantial reasons at that: Just because his arm candy doesn't measure up to Beharian standards of beauty, or because he can't resist making splashy entrances that involve leaping onto the nearest coffee table to swivel his hips and shake a pair of maracas, that doesn't necessarily imply he's got one hand in the Man Jar.