Not content to plow through the girls of the Big 10, the Ivy League, and the assorted Anna Nicole lookalikes who grace its pages, Playboy has discovered the charms of the ladies of the surfy-cute East End town of Montauk. But the "Girls of Montauk" spread only features one "home-grown beauty," according to the Daily News—19-year-old Jamie Rae.

The beach-loving brunette, who shuns makeup and is as laid back as her flip-flop-friendly hometown, said posing nude for the first time was a breeze.

"The hardest part was not getting my hair wet," she said, recalling with a laugh how photographer Michael Dweck wanted her to ride a longboard in close to the shore for some sexy closeups. But the surfboard's fins scraped bottom, thrusting her into the "freezing" Atlantic.

"I kind of ate it," she admitted, blushing over the memory. "And that was the first shoot of the day, so it was ... oops!"

And cheers to the Daily News for putting up this classy PG-rated slide show of Rae! Apparently Montauk lasses are not immune to its charms, either.

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