Pity poor Post reporter Jeremy Olshan. Not only does he have a low sperm count, he's being forced by his employer to blog about it. He's only two posts into describing his and his wife's quest to get knocked up via IVF, but he already seems to have mastered the oversharey, unnecessary-detail-filled art of blogging. He's not afraid to go there! And by 'there,' we mean, "into a detailed description of attempting to inject his wife's upper outer thigh with drugs, and failing."

The guy gave me a strange look, and I could tell he either thought we were joking, were planning to snort some cocaine, have a quickie orgy, or some combination.

The bathroom door swung open and all three of us made our move. My wife locked the door behind us, while Julie, a filmmaker, documented everything with her digital camera. My wife removed the ice pack from her purse and tried to take out the box containing the glass vial of Lupron. The bottle slipped out of the box and fell to the floor.

We all stared at it for a full minute before realizing that it had cracked and all the medication had combined with the various other fluids on the bathroom floor.

See, natural selection is still working, in spite of everything!