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Sometimes we're reminded of the fact that blogs are just such a bad idea. Times like when we stumble across Cat Fancy editor Susan Logan's bloggy musings about "the meaning of myeh."

I was on the phone with a friend this morning while my Ragdoll Chloe was sitting on my lap. After I spent a minute talking, Chloe looked up at me and mouthed this barely audible "myeh" that came out like a whisper. It took me out of the conversation I was having because it was so disarmingly cute. I wondered what could possibly have been going through her mind as she softly vocalized. Did she think I was talking to her, and she was responding? Was she thinking, "Pay attention to me already and stop talking to that device?" Was she commenting on the coarseness of my morning voice? Was she simply expressing her love?

Is it really possible that no one will ever know?

The Meaning of Myeh [CatChannel]