Mrs. Tina Brown gets a firm drubbing in the transcript released of Rupert Murdoch with two Wall Street Journal reporters. Harry Evans was the editor of the London Times a million years ago. Rupert says:

Harry is not a strong... I don't want to say libelous things. It ended up with a journalist coming to me and saying, "Look, this can't go on" and that "more than half of us are going to take a walk," and so we had to part company. And he decided to write a book with I would say a tremendous number of inventions. It's OK. People feel the need to justify themselves. Harry was and is remains a very gifted person in many ways ... I don't want to defame Harry at all.

Well, that's good! At least we know for sure now that Rupert doesn't actively enjoy getting sued.

Murdoch's Role as Proprietor, Journalist and Plans for Dow Jones [WSJ]