We're starting to suspect that the New York Times is just trying to give the rest of its staff additional reasons to talk about Sewell Chan behind his back, because really, how much more do they need to be reminded that he's been anointed the golden child? Today the entire staff received a memo on "diversity training," informing them that Chan will be "participating in a conversation" with City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, in addition to several other panels that sound like something our high school headmaster came up with for our Days of Awareness. "Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes" was really the best they could come up with? What about the black eyes?

We're pleased to announce the upcoming Diversity Awareness Series schedule. The Diversity Awareness Series was developed to provide a forum for our employees and leaders to learn about the many facets of diversity.

We are excited to have New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn participating in a conversation with Sewell Chan, bureau chief of the Metro desk's "City Room." Ms. Quinn is the first woman and openly lesbian individual to hold this important post.

Several Diversity Study Groups for managers (with new articles) are scheduled and the popular "Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes: Diversity & Empathy Development" session, Part I is back as well as the new "Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes " Part II is being offered.

You can find the Diversity Awareness Series schedule as well as other diversity related events and resources by clicking on the Diversity button on the Intranet homepage. Please enroll for the diversity study groups and the "Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes" sessions.

Diversity Speaker Series
Christine Quinn: Speaking Out
Monday, June 11, 2007

Hear New York City Council Speaker, Christine Quinn the first woman to hold this post, and the first lesbian in conversation with Sewell Chan, the bureau chief of the Metros desks City Room." For those who can't attend in person, listen in by phone. Dial in (800) xxx-xxxx, participant code - xxxx.

Diversity Study Groups - for managers
These groups, co-facilitated by the Internal Consultants, create an environment in which topics related to diversity in a business environment can be introduced and discussed. New thought provoking articles will be read by participants prior to each session.

There are several objectives of the Diversity Study Groups. The objectives are to:
network with people from other departments
get exposure to articles and information you might not normally read
listen to peoples perspectives on various diversity topics
contribute to the discussion
learn something about yourself

Diversity & Empathy Development Sessions
Blue Eyes, Brown Eyes Part I - Diversity & Empathy Development
Participate in a session where we will look at the connection between authority, stereotyping and discrimination in school age children and its impact into adulthood. This program will include a presentation and discussion on the relationship between empathy and diversity in addition to a review of the PBS program, A Class Divided. In 1970, an innovative teacher, Jane Elliott, attempted a daring experiment on racial stereotyping and its impact on young children.