Really The Most Expensive Private Schools In New York

Yesterday, we all worked on ranking the most expensive private schools that New Yorkers send their kids to. Through emails, comments and a bit of research (thanks, lazyweb!), we think we now know the truth!

Riverdale: $33,100.

Dalton: $31,200.

Fieldston (Ethical Culture): $30,440. (Updated!)

Trinity: $30,170.

Brearley: $29,700.

Sacred Heart: $29,500.

Trevor Day School: $29,400.

Hewitt: $29,100.

Spence: $28,000.

Brooklyn Friends: $27,400. (Just added!)

Horace Mann: $27,350.

Chapin: $27,300.

Collegiate: $27,100.

Masters: $26,000. (Plus board, add $10K.)

Berkeley Carroll: $26,000. (Just added!)

Rye Country Day: $25,650.

UN International School: $24,250. (Just added!)

St. Ann's: $24,000.

Dwight: $24,000.

Packer Collegiate: $23,550.

York Prep: $23,000.

Nightingale-Bamford: $23,000.

French-American School: $22,200.

Geneva: $17,500.

Manhattan School for Girls: $15,500.

Fordham Prep: $11,360.

Updates and corrections welcome by email and comment!