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When we read one of Jason Goldberg's backers describing the Jobster founder as "controversial", we assumed they meant merely obnoxious, rather than a ticking management timebomb. On further rummaging, it looks like he may really have threatened, incredibly, to put a "bullet" in the head of a female employee, whom he suspected of leaking news of a defection from the Seattle online jobs board. Now, anyone can lose their temper, and disaffected employees are much prone to misquoting their bosses. But here's the strange thing: Jobster's reps haven't shot down the story, which is here, on a recruitment gossip blog. Even stranger: that Ignition Partners and Mayfield, which have led about $50m of investment in the struggling recruitment marketplace, haven't yet replaced the company's intemperate founder. If anyone from Jobster, or its investors, wants to clarify: the comments are open.