Remember last week when we tried to shake things up by giving you some thumbnails of the actual hipsters Alex Blagg gets paid to pillory? Well, enough of you complained that we've decided we're going right back to plain text! Enjoy your mockery of the party pictures from MisShapes and Ambrel without any spoilers. We've learned our lesson: Never try to change anything. Especially Blue States Lose!

10. Misshapes. May 26th, 2007 photo #029: Leotard Fantastik in no mood for playing around tonight. You push him too far, he just might have to show you his JAZZ HANDS!


9. Ambrel. Six Six Sick photo #0319: Here's what happens when gay French surrealist cartoons come to life.

8. Misshapes. May 26th, 2007 photo #135: Can someone please tell Little Miss Sunshine that he's wearing a child's blouse?


7. Misshapes. May 26th, 2007 photo #152: There's nothing sadder than seeing your mom at Misshapes in one of her old 70's jumpers.

6. Misshapes. May 26th, 2007 photos #017, 019, 022 and 023: For all the shit we talk about our hiptarded friends, at least they value originality and individuality and not comforming to silly trends.

5. Misshapes. May 26th, 2007 photo #119: Just as she finally managed to track down the perfect silver and pinky neon sparklypants ensemble, her sheep friends all flock to the "large obscenities on a t-shirt" thing. What a shame.

4. Ambrel. Six Six Sick photo #0475: These guys should seriously have their own Saturday morning animated series, and they fly around the planet in shorts and TeVa sandals and belly shirts, fighting things that aren't fabulous wherever they may rear their ugly head.

3. VBS TV. So's & Don'ts & Friends (Misshapes) video: The Misshapes and Little Scotty Mouthbreather sat down with Vice's Do's and Don'ts guy to make fun of people's appearance, and if you watch the video, the sheer irony of it all will explode your face.

2. Misshapes. May 26th, 2007 photo #007: I love when the lesser hipster douchebags try to roll the dice on new looks to get themselves noticed, such as this guy and his "Younger, Party-Loving Gandalf the Gay".

1. Last Night's Party. Brave & Young 2 photo #5567: A raving hippie hipster is something the world just does not need.

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