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Leeching on the success that gadget sites Engadget and Gizmodo and numerous Mac fan sites have had covering live Steve Jobs keynotes, Guy Kawasaki, former Apple evangelist, hopes to pump some page views into his belittled rumor site, Truemors. Kawasaki will be gracing us with his own live coverage of Apple's WWDC keynote event Monday morning.

Guy Kawasaki, returning to the scene of the crime (the creation of his image), does carry some interest, and certainly his personal coverage could yield unique insight as a former high-profile Apple employee. But feeding this coverage through Truemors is merely sad and desperate. Each site providing coverage has their own pros and cons (speed, heavy traffic, accuracy, detail, wit), but anyone tuning into Truemors as their primary source for Jobs WWDC keynote is as delusional as Kawasaki. (Of course, I will tune in to see how his stunt pans out.)