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In today's episode: Robin Williams; Judd Apatow, Leslie Mann, Iris and Maude Apatow; Lane Garrison and Joe Simpson; Bradley Cooper; Jenna Elfman and Ted Raimi; Alyssa Milano; Madeleine Stowe; Ed Helms; Angela Kinsey, Kate Flannery, and Melora Hardin; Michael Rosenbaum; Delilah Andre; Mira Furlan and Eric Wareheim.

· Yesterday (6/4), eating at Toi on Sunset and who should walk by but the hairiest man in comedy himself, Robin Williams. He said hello, smiled, and waved to several people who recognized him as he crossed the street. That is all.

· Around 8:45 this morning (6-7) walking to work, saw Judd Apatow, his wife Leslie Mann and their two kids (Iris and Maude Apatow) at Swinger's in Santa Monica. Maybe a breakfast celebration for his LA Weekly cover story?

· Today 6/7/07 at the PF Changs in Sherman Oaks for dinner, I noticed this hottie at the next table kinda give a coy smile from under his Kangol. We go back and forth stealing smiles around what looks like to be a family dinner, then I realized this hottie is Lane Garrison. As they are finishing up dinner I then see mom and dad are none other than Joe and Tina Simpson! I am glad to report there was no alcohol served. But damn I love me some Lane.

· Tuesday evening—Jenna Elfman at Gloss Nail Salon in Silver Lake, getting a mani/pedi and extremely preggers. Also, Ted Raimi at the lounge at Table 8, with an age-appropriate reddish haired woman.

· Alyssa Milano - First Class - Delta Airlines - Logan Airport to LAX. She is gorgeous and has flawless skin. Holy shite I want to know her dermatologist.

· 6/6/07 On my way to Cent City mall when I see a pack of CAA agents, including a friend of mine-went to say hi to friend and who is the guy next to him, the only non agenty suited male in the pack? Bradley Cooper looking very hot. I am 5'9 and was in heels and he was significantly taller than me. I hear he's single now. Too bad he bears more than a passing resemblance to my ex.

· 6-5 I saw Madeleine Stowe at the Whole Foods Mothership in Santa Monica. I'm pleased to report she's still a total knockout and that I'd electrocute her genitals anytime!

Wow. That sounds pretty sick if you weren't one of the five people who actually saw "The Two Jakes".

· Ed Helms (Daily Show, The Office) jumped the queue in front of me at Pinkberry on Abbot Kinney's today (6-6). Even Crystal the girl working the allegedly frozen yogurt whirrly machine thought you pushed in, Ed. I hope you got brain freeze. Bastard.

· On Friday, June 1st, while lunching at the Roosevelt's pool I saw a trio of female celebs from The Office. Angela Kinsey (Angela), Kate Flannery (Meredith), and Melora Hardin (Jan) were dressed casually, big smiles, and having a good time. They hung around the pool for about ten minutes before being whisked inside by an assistant-type. If I had to guess, I think there was some kind of promotional product giveaway going on, as I also spotted a couple of other no-name D-list actors carrying oversized branded shopping bags.

· Only in LA...on Tuesday I was catching up on Veronica Mars on my tivo (watched the prison experiment episode), then went to Equinox on Sunset and saw Delilah Andre (thanks imdb) coming out of the afternoon ab class. Then Thursday, watched Smallville on the tivo...then went to Hollywood & Highland and nearly got knocked over by a hurried Michael Rosenbaum. He had hair, so that threw me at first... Tivo...the new magic 8-ball

· Last Thursday night (May 31), I saw Mira Furlan, Rousseau from "Lost" (thanks, IMDB). She was with a cute, approximately 8-9 year old, mop-headed little boy at Barnes & Noble at the Grove. At first I didn't recognize her without the rifle and creepily feral look on her face. She cleans up nicely.

· Okay, a little late with this, but it took me forever to figure out who he was: Eric Wareheim, a.k.a., The Mayor from Tom Goes to the Mayor, at Taylor's Steakhouse on Eighth Street in Koreatown Friday night, June 1. He was sitting at the bar with a pretty girl about half his height. He's very tall, and she was very petite. They moved upstairs and had dinner. No funny faces or bizarre karaoke numbers. Just a normal date night, apparently. I hesitate even to send it in, but maybe the member with the Aqua Teen Hunger Force icon will dig it.