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· Preliminary overnight ratings reveal that The Sopranos finale delivered a big number, stealing viewers from both the Tonys and the NBA finals. [Variety]
· Spring Awakening and The Coast of Utopia clean up at the little-watched (see above!) Tonys, winning eight and seven trophies, respectively. [THR]
· Apparently, cutting out "more than half" of Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun Fat's scenes in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End makes the movie safer for Chinese audiences, who will finally get an opportunity to see it on Tuesday. More bad news: the deletions make the movie even more difficult to follow than its unedited version. [Variety]
· Pirates 3 holds off Ocean's 13 at the international box office, pulling in another (yawn) $51.3 million. [THR]
· "Respected" outlets try to justify their contributions to the Paris Hilton clusterfuck by offering meta commentary on the ongoing "media circus" or with analysis of how the justice system treats the rich and famous. [Variety]