Erin and Louis Cicalese were sick of "the post-college flophouse apartment life," and at 26 and 27, respectively, they felt it was time to stop eating off their coffee table in their "tiny" Park Slope 2 bedrooom. So they hunted around for an apartment they could afford, and eventually found one in the Bronx. "Now, Ms. Cicalese drives to work, no longer returning each evening in a bad mood. The two have an actual dining table for meals. Even their cat, Dottie, with room to run, has become more playful. Though they will probably move to a bigger, more permanent place at some point, they feel they have at last moved on from post-college mode, into a real home, one that 'makes having a future family feasible,' Mr. Cicalese said." This is depressing for so many reasons. Well, two. 1) Do we all have to move to the Bronx? 2) Is there some class in being an adult that these people went to and we all skipped? Wait—you guys all took it too???

Moving On From Post-College Mode [NYT]