Moritz slams 'the fast-money crowd' One always assumed Sequoia's Mike Moritz, backer of Yahoo and Google, was far too grand ever to respond to the needling from his rivals at the Founders Fund. But even Silicon Valley deities have feelings. Moritz — accused of "mistreating " entrepreneurs like Sean Parker, fired founder of Sequoia-backed Plaxo — used his presentation at the venture firm's recent annual meeting to name several founders, including Parker, who'd let investors down. In an email quoted on PE Hub , the powerful Sequoia partner amplified his criticism of Parker, who's now joined Peter Thiel, another disgruntled Sequoia entrepreneur, at the Founders Fund . Descending from his Olympian heights, Moritz writes Sequoia wants nothing to do with "the fast-money crowd who place their personal interests above those of their co-founders, employees and other stakeholders."