If nothing else, this Age of YouTube has given us a deeper understanding of the bizarre international promotional obligations to which our cherished, movie-pimping stars are subjected upon each new worldwide release. Hollywood's latest press tour victim is Johnny Depp, who recently appeared on Japanese TV (clip above, and more here) on behalf of his recently released Pirates of the Caribbean sequel; to his credit, Depp does his best to be a good sport, humbly accepting gifts in the John Lennon-inspired persona he's working on for an upcoming project. Ultimately, however, the actor had no choice but to offend his hosts by politely refusing their ceremonial offering of the country's four most talented children, perhaps not realizing that the cultural affront will doom his film's local box office prospects and result in the disgraced tykes being sold off to the cast of Fantastic Four 2 when they pass through on their upcoming junket.