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While fans of comedian Kathy Griffin may be disappointed to hear rumors that she was passed over in favor of Whoopi Goldberg for a regular slot on The View, they can still keep tabs on their favorite Spielberg Shit-List Topper on her Bravo reality show, My Life on the D-List—now in its third, gripping season of chronicling her every celebrity-alienating exploit. The juicy backstory that dominated the first two seasons—regular-guy husband Matt Moline allegedly swipes $72,000 from her, a betrayal that ends in divorce and a surfeit of new material for her act—is still very much a topic of conversation, with a weepy Griffin telling cameras in the season premiere, "I thought he was a nice guy who loved me. Now, I don't think he ever loved me." Moline responds on his blog:

Tom Waits summed it up well: "Come down off the cross, We can use the wood". I concur.

Anyone remember the end of Broadcast News? ... William Hurt's character uses tears to promote himself and further his career

It absolutely pisses me off beyond belief to have my character assassinated in public and I'd really like to fight back. The truth is that Kathy will always have the last word in any public argument because she has a TV show and standup gigs in which she could endlessly respond to what I've said.

We find it somewhat improbable that Moline is the con man his ex-wife makes him out to be, deviously subjecting himself to a mere six years' worth of servitude to Griffin and "her Gays," all the while savoring the modest payday lying in wait for him at the end of the ordeal. It's hardly surprising, then, that Moline should turn to blogging to broadcast his side of the story, as he has no Bravo reality show to call his own—though that might be something the network might want to consider, launching a mid-season companion piece entitled Matt Moline: My Life On Kathy Griffin's Shoe Money.