For about ten minutes yesterday, a Ferrari was parked in front of our office on Crosby Street in SoHo. Since such a car usually has some jerkface inside, we rarely take the chance to peek in and see what's going on on the passenger side. We've been missing out! Let's take a closer look at what we found and annotate the damage!

1) Paul Oakenfold CD: Mr. Oakenfold's trance music is likely to be blasted out the sound system. This album, we think, is the V2 Tranceport which is most likely designed specifically to be blasted by some single rich dude as he drives around Soho's cobblestone street and ruins his chassis.

2) The other CD visible is by Sir Ivan, a "banker-turned-singer" and eldest son of legendary financier and philanthropist Siggi B. Wilzig." "In 2000, while listening to John Lennon's "Imagine" on an oldies station, Sir Ivan was suddenly struck by the lyrics, and how closely they mirrored his own beliefs." Oh man, go to his website, turn your volume down and read the Sir Ivan Story. So worth it!

3) June 11, 2007 copy of Time. What is it that Mr. Ferrari could be interested in? We're going with Ocean's 13: The Interview but perhaps we're underestimating our man was drawn to the trend piece on used clothing.

4) Three books of CDs. I can only assume their filled with more of the same. (Von Von Von, Felix Da Housecat, some Dylan from high school.)

5) Fiji Water. Of course he's drinking Fiji Water. Poland Spring is too pedestrian and Voss just rolls around too much on a tight corner.