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Is Alex Vieux, when the exotic Red Herring publisher is not pontificating on business, the most incompetent manager in Silicon Valley? It's bad enough that the ancient magazine has missed four of its last five print runs. But it can't even manage the simpler logistics of online distribution. To the title's few remaining loyalists, Red Herring offered a digital version of the magazine, ads and all, through a service called Zinio. Except that even that doesn't work. Zinio's pulled Red Herring from its roster, but not before taking money from subscribers. Among the incandescent readers, who've been bouncing around between Zinio and Red Herring, trying to get a refund: Rick Segal, a Canadian investor. Unfortunately, for the Red Herring he also has a well-known blog, and no trouble getting his opinion on the magazine's scam — Ripoff 2.0 — in front of his readers.