Sure, it would be easy to read the Observer's profile of Fiat heir Lapo Elkann and get all ladyishly offended. Lapo does seem have that noblesse oblige thing going on, especially when it comes to his dealings with the fairer sex! Seriously, what kind of guy sits down to an interview, checks out the waitress, and says, "Usually this place has ugly waitresses, but this one is a very delicate and elegant one, I must say"? But maybe that's just Lapo being... refreshingly honest! Uh oh... what is this feeling? Do I actually have a crush on a Euro-jerk with an anchor necklace who characterizes his conquests as like "flowers in a vase—they need to be changed every couple days"? Dad, why were you not around more when I was little?

Ahem. Anyway! You know what else is appealing about Lapo? How open he is about his recovery. Well, except the part where he OD'd with a tranny. That, he won't talk about.

I was complaining and I looked only at the dark side of life, thinking that things would never come back to sunshine, and instead, things went much better than what I thought and they changed," he said. "New York gave me the opportunity to look inside myself, and take care of myself, and to start loving myself the right way, and I have to thank this city for it. It's a city who puts you immediately into perspective. It's a city which is very tough and very real, so you have to look at things with reality, taking away the bullshit.

Seriously: honest, smart, rich, and kind of an asshole! Be still my beating heart.

Fiat's Frisky Prince of the City [NYO]