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Post honcho Col Allan knows what you are typing at your desks. He knows what you are emailing. In his mind, he is already screaming at you. And then there's this:

It's a good thing Alison Rogers won't be needing her New York Post job back. The witty Harvard grad rips owner Rupert Murdoch and editor Col Allan in her new book, 'Diary of a Real Estate Rookie,' the story of becoming a broker after Murdoch's 'refusal to pay her a decent wage' as editor of the real-estate section. This, despite Rogers' estimates that she brought in $5 million in two years to the paper. But the 'final straw' came, Rogers writes, when Allan 'yelled at me for three straight days ... three days of red-faced hollering. We were done, Col and I.' When reached for comment, Allan clarified: 'I yelled at Alison for four days, not three.'

That is awesome. Also he is about 16 months away from finally smelling the toast and having a stroke, and we will miss his absurd and abusive management style when he kicks it.

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