Calacanis goes for the Al-Qaeda market Brash Jason Calacanis. the web's answer to Donald Trump, is doing an awesome job in drumming up coverage for his underwhelming human search engine, Mahalo. The ballsy entrepreneur even touted the venture's advertisement for freelancers to handwrite search results — which turns the Sequoia-backed venture into yet another factory for Google fodder. If the former blog mogul can get attention for that, all power to him. But this is random: the publicity-hungry Mahalo founder is boasting about his latest interview — with Al-Jazeera, the Arab-world television network which is Osama Bin-Laden's favorite outlet, as well as Louis Farrakhan's. Nobody's saying one poorly-chosen TV pitch makes Calacanis a terrorist; but it does make the attention-seeking entrepreneur look a touch desperate.