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Right! There's a new editor in town and he commanded that I tell you our new Digg policy! There'll be no more foolin' around here, so listen close! (Executive summary: We don't care what you digg, go nuts, but it's your funeral.)

So Valleywag's brother site Gizmodo made a Digg policy, saying they'd only stick a big yellow badge pointing to the popular social news site on their original articles. I quote exactly:

It's not fair when we get the Digg for someone else's work. Let's keep the signal-to-noise WE'RE BORING OLD FARTS AND VALLEYWAG IS COOLER WHY NOT GO READ THEM NOW?

I totally did not make any of that up! Anyway, then our anal-retentive sister site Lifehacker went even further and posted a bullet-point list. I mean holy crap, look at this thing! Why didn't they just post a whole frakking Powerpoint slide?

Okay, here's Valleywag's Digg policy: Go nuts. First off, it's not like we're the traffic powerhouse of Gawker. Second, how can you ever tell what's original around here, what with the crazy feeds from other sites and publisher Nick Denton's little passive-aggressive half-stories.

So I repeat: Go nuts. Submit anything you want from Valleywag. Submit the front page for all I care. Submit this article! Over-diggers aren't our problem, they're Digg's problem.

But unless you're choosy, you're gonna look like a moron, on Digg. And that's like looking underdressed in a soup kitchen.

So to summarize: Submit anything you want from Valleywag to Digg (we have little buttons for that on each article that we wrote), but know that you'll probably ruin your reputation if you digg, like, everything.

Now don't digg this article, dammit.