Pinkberry, the upstart FroYo chain whose popularity seems completely divorced from its quality, was recently discovered to have a serious vermin problem. According to FoxNY,

The vermin were seen scurrying around the Upper East Side store Sunday morning. Rats were also a few [inches, feet? word is left out of transcript] from the yogurt machine, and that's not far from bins of fresh fruit toppings. Owners said they shocked by the discovery and have since sanitized all their New York outlets.

Now of course the yogurt isn't real yogurt, and the fresh fruit is certainly not fresh. Still, the rat infestation presents an achingly human dilemma to those UES ladies with pert bums clad in terrycloth sweatpants: Do they wish to continue eating their local vanilla and risk the Plague, or venture off into the wilds of 82nd Street in search of another slightly less vermin-ridden guilt-free pleasure? Ah, l'enfer c'est les yaourts!

Rats Invade Pinkberry Yogurt Shop