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With the unbearable sexual tension produced by Ari Gold's brief estrangement from beloved client Vinnie Chase all but dissipated by the pair's speedy reunion last season, we feared that the Entourage team would immediately fall back on its Vince struggles/Vince triumphs/Team Vince high-fives while overlooking stunning Hollywood vista/credits roll formula going into its fourth season. But last night's premiere episode restored our confidence in the writing team's ability to surprise us, taking a bold creative direction by having an increasingly artistically deranged Chase decide to sabotage passion project Medellín by playing bloodthirsty drug dealer Pablo Escobar as a Colombian Tony Clifton, a self-destructive choice that not even trusty sidekick E could talk him out of by reminding him that they're just simple guys from Queens living out their show business dreams.

[Photo: HBO/Clifton publicity photo]