In the 90s, the question on the internet's mind was, "lesbian or german lady?" Today, the internet finds itself asking "gay or Jersey?" While the question has changed, the answer remains, "there is really no reliable way of knowing!" A newish website is here to help, though. "Has anyone else noticed that New York's Bridge and Tunnel Crowd (otherwise known as "Jersey") has adopted the Chelsea look?," asks the site's anonymous mastermind(s). "These days, you can barely tell the overly-plucked, overly-shaved, overly-worked out Jersey Guidos trolling New York's streets for drunk women from the overly-plucked, overly-shaved, overly-worked fellas down in Chelsea. This site documents 'macho' Jersey's strange obsession with the gay look." It sure does! It features Friendster pictures of, for example, "Armando." "For his occupation, Armando lists: "WORK." As for music, he writes "I LIKE'M ALL!!" For some reason, this site is making us want to kill ourselves less, even though that's sort of counterintuitive.