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Kristy Swanson is just the latest in a spate of Hollywood bimbos to swoop in on Canuck homes and snatch away their males like some demon race of bottle-blond, Canadian-man-craving succubi. In this case, the prize was her Skating with the Stars partner Lloyd Eissler, who abandoned his wife and two children to better pursue a love forged in the heat of third-tier reality show competition. A tense family reunion, meanwhile, got ugly Friday when Swanson allegedly turned all Buffy the Figure Skater's Ex-Wife Slayer on her romantic foe:

The incident is alleged to have happened on Friday when Eisler and Swanson went to O'Brien's home to pick up the two children Eisler had with O'Brien.

Although she wouldn't go into detail, O'Brien said she was assaulted. The alleged assault took place in front of her children. "When I was attacked, I immediately phoned 911 and [Swanson] called her lawyer," O'Brien said.

Through her publicist, Michael Sands, Swanson alleges that she was the person who was attacked, in the driveway of O'Brien's home.

Sands said Swanson was left with bruises on her left knee and arm and was also scratched.

An update to the Whig-Standard's original story reports Swanson, who has returned to L.A. since being released on on $500 bail, will be required to return to Kingston face an assault charge next month—plenty of time for her camp to develop the finer details of their "But the mean Canadian lady with the inexplicable vendetta hit me first!" version of events they've been feeding the press since the story broke. Kingston residents can breathe a sigh of relief, however, knowing that the players involved are so firmly entrenched in the Z-list, there is virtually zero chance of any media tent cities being erected to ruin the quiet charms of their sleepy, college town.