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While vacationing abroad, the Defamer Special Correspondent on the International Impact of Ill-Advised Celebrity Inmate Venue Changes had time to file this brief report on how one city's residents are treating a visiting player from the Hilton Home-Imprisonment Debacle who was in their country to participate in a global security conference:

Apparently, all anyone can talk about in Istanbul at the moment is Paris Hilton. Well, our beloved Sheriff Lee Baca flew into Istanbul the other day and was met with outrage, protests at the airports, people chanting "go home," etc. as the news announced that "the man who tried to set Paris Hilton free" was stepping onto Turkish soil.

I still have a hard time believing that people in a huge city halfway around the world know, much less care, who Lee Baca is but apparently, he's not just a local villain, he's an international one as well!

Even taking into account the jeers of these Turkish protestors, it seems unfair to depict Baca (incidentally, the subject of a lengthy LAT piece today) as "an international villain"; we're sure that for each foreign anti-Hilton mob there's one somewhere—let's say in a remote Romanian village with satellite access to E!, just for argument's sake—ready to hoist the wildly divisive Sheriff upon its shoulders and parade him around their town, thankful that there's somebody back in America brave enough to fight on behalf of their second-favorite Simple Life star.