A gay venture capitalist ties the knot The Valley styles itself as gay-friendly. But how many queer venture capitalists can you think of? Here's a sign, in the month of gay pride, of change in the wind: NEA's Patrick Chung recently held a commitment ceremony with partner Matthew Burt, a church choir director. After the jump, more on Chung and Burt's Valley links, and a photo of the wedding party.Following a honeymoon in what Chung describes as "the Far East," the couple will be hard to ignore in Sand Hill society. Chung and Burt, known for throwing the occasional croquet party , are well-connected. Burt directs music at Christ Episcopal Church in Portola Valley, a hotbed of venture capitalists. Chung is on the board of wireless startup Loopt and is also involved with the NEA-backed 23andMe. 23andMe, of course, is the biotech startup founded by Anne Wojcicki, the wife of Google cofounder Sergey Brin. As a wedding gift, Castro Confidential recommends his-and-his iPhones . We suspect Brin, at least, can afford them. A gay venture capitalist ties the knot