Our favorite Post harpie isn't one to toot her own horn. In fact, if there's anything she despises more than sluttery, it's narcissism: "For the first time in his miserable "Me! Me! Me!" existence, Peter Braunstein looked mad. And more than a little afraid." Later: " It's not about "Me." But in the midst of all this, Andrea manages to subtly work in a mention of another "me": herself.

Well, we know he reads this newspaper. In a letter pleading for leniency from Judge Thomas Farber, Braunstein whined about how the criminal-justice system, the state mental-health laws and especially the media all conspired to convict him. He even quoted from my column, in which I said that he was not sick, but evil. "This kind of tabloid rhetoric is essentially a mandate for harsh sentencing," he wrote, as if it were a bad thing.

Hypocritical? Maybe a little. But we'll forgive her because of her heroic avoidance of explicit prison rape jokes this time around.

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