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While the Grazers opted for the somewhat noisier method of announcing the end of their marriage in Page Six last Thursday, today Paramount emperor Brad Grey and his wife of 25 years whispered news of a trial separation to gossip dowager Liz Smith, perhaps hoping that the superannuated columnist would become distracted by filling various dishes placed around her home with hard candy and forget to publish the item. Unfortunately for the Greys, professionalism prevailed, and now all the industry mourns the loss of yet another high-profile relationship:

DIRECT FROM Hollywood - Jill and Brad Grey will be seen at a wedding this very day in La-La Land; they aren't canceling, although their own actual marriage, of 25 years, is in an iffy state. They gave me this statement, "We are sad to say we are taking a trial separation from our marriage. We have been together since we were in college, and it's our hope that we will be able to work things out for our sake and the sake of our three children."

We take no joy in correctly predicting that Levangie's separation from Grazer would likely result in the liberation of other Hollywood war brides empowered by her bold move into singledom, but we expect that after an acceptable period of mourning, the two ladies will team up and embark upon a Thelma and Louise-quality rampage (they're way past their Starter Wife victimhood) through the city, speeding away down the Sunset Strip as the Chateau Marmont is consumed by a fire they ignited "just to watch that old bitch burn." Meanwhile, the pair's now-estranged husbands will try and convince old pal Sumner Redstone that now is the time to dump his trophy and join them on a weeklong bender in Vegas, where they'll delight in conning their senescent buddy into bankrolling the entire trip.